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OISEL Group, Traitement des eaux dans l'Océan Indien

Water Treatment Specialist

√ Presentation

OISEL is a firm specialised in the conception, design and construction of water treatment plants:

  1. Waste water
  2. Potable water
  3. Desalination plants
  4. Industrial process water

Established in Mauritius and in Reunion Island since 2001, OISEL is present to assist localities, industries, hotels and property developers in the much specialised field of water treatment.

√ Our Proximity

Our regional presence and our qualified personnel offer a prompt technical follow up to our clients.

Rapid response, site inspection, training, after sales service, technical discussions and optimisation of process are the key words in the services offered.

From the past projects and its local involvement OISEL has acquired enough experience and expert know how on the process problems specific to each of the islands and countries in the region.

expertise dans la construction de stations d'épuration océan indien, maurice, reunion, madagascar, seychelles
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